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iPhone Accessories Suppliers – Famous iPhone Accessories Manufacturer

There Are Many iPhone Accessories Suppliers

iPhone X is even hotter after it’s for sale thus enabling more chances to iPhone accessories suppliers.

There are so many suppliers and manufacturers specialized in providing iPhone accessories. For example, a company in Finland provides limited customizing iPhone X service. Decorating the new iPhone with gilding, pearl logo, diamond, genuine leather and gems, it could be really luxury and expensive.

Famous iPhone Accessories Suppliers

Legend’s customize services on iPhone started from iPhone 6s. There was a time when iPhone 6s was more expensive than iPhone X due to it was out of stock. However, at the time, the price of golden customize iPhone 6s was only two times higher. The golden iPhone 6s gives feelings of local bully, but it is really luxury with hand carved patterns on it.

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After the release of iPhone 7, Legend provides a luxury chicken year special edition to Chinese customers. And for iPhone X, it is really the same luxury to old ones.

Unlike Legend, Colorware provides retro 6s and 6s Plus with independent numbers and colorful logos. Actually, these designs are from inspiration from Apple II, which is really old but classic.

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Twelve South is one of those partners of Apple’s, and the most famous product of theirs is an arc supporting stand for Mac. The stand could connect screen, keyboard and mouse, which enables a great solution to tidy-up.

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Most Apple’s partners are focusing on phone cases since functions of cases vary. Showing off users’ personalities, protecting iPhone and making iPhone multifunctional are all available by installing phone cases.

Besides normal phone case suppliers like Lifeproof and Casetify, there are some luxury brands like LV supplying luxury iPhone cases. For example, LV has a really luxury golden crocodile skin phone case for iPhone 7 which is extremely expensive. Interestingly, this LV iPhone 7 case is not available in Apple, but only in Louis Vuitton Of course, not only iPhone 7 cases, LV iPhone X cases are also available.

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We have been wholesaling phone cases and some other accessories, feel free to contact and inquire!

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