We Provide Customize Services

As an experienced manufacturer with advanced equipment and experienced teams, we are able to provide customize services (OEM) to all our customers. Of course, there would be no extra charge beside the mold.

We provide customize services to our phone casesglass screen protectors and earphones. With support from our factory, we do any part according to customers’ requests, and of course, we will ensure good quality of our products.

Our customize services would include processes like mold quotation, production, 2D&3D design, checking and sample confirmation, etc. We are a reliable phone case factory that you can totally rely on for customizing your phone cases.

If you have your own favored design, contact us with that, and if you don’t, we will provide our designs as reference, and then help to design for you.

Contact us if you have any interest in our products, and if you have more interest in design and producing your own goods, just feel free to contact, we will do whatever we can to help.

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