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High Smartphone Technology Is Necessary

Phone manufacturers keep competing with all others, so that many smartphone technology are applied to phones. Manufacturers keep competing on appearance, configuration and screen, etc. With the development of tech, phones are becoming more and more special and unique.

There are some really technological innovations on smartphones, let’s talk about them one by one.

Epoch-making Smartphone Technology

Edge to Edge Screen

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With the high development of phone industry, phones are becoming more and more alike. Under this situation, it is important for manufacturers to make their phones pretty and special. With the release of Xiaomi Mix, edge-to-edge screen devices suddenly became the future of phones. Samsung, LG, iPhone and Huawei all have their edge-to-edge phones.

Besides better screen display and pretty appearance, edge-to-edge screens could push the development of other components. In order to keep in line with screen, components like camera, fingerprint recognition and receivers need to be upgraded. As a result, the whole industry develops.

Special Design Screen

This tech is related to edge-to-edge screens since they require as much frontal space as possible. In order to enable space for components on screen, manufacturers need to dig holes on screen to place camera and sensors.

sharp aquos s2 - high smartphone technology - bezel less smartphone - 1

Essential Phone and Sharp Aquos S2 are all special screen devices, and both of them are useful and pretty.

Under Screen Fingerprint Recognition

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Due to edge-to-edge screen, under screen fingerprint recognition is necessary, of course, Apple’s Face ID is another opportunity. Since under screen fingerprint recognition is hard to develop, there’s more possibility for face recognition.

Super Quick Charge

Battery is limited in capacity because of technology, so that quick charge becomes an alternative. Honor Magic can reach 100% battery from 0 in 45 minutes, and Gualcomm updated its solution to Quick Charge 4.0. Low battery capacity would no longer be a problem soon.

There are many other technologies like AI and 5G network, which would contribute to a better world in the future.

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What Is E-SIM Card?

Do you know what is E-SIM card? With efforts from Apple and Samsung, revolution on SIM card is great. From SIM to NANO SIM and to Micro SIM, in the future, “invisible” SIM card would be mainstream.

Actually, “invisible” doesn’t mean no SIM card or make the card digital but integrate the card into devices. Real invisible card is SoftSIM which has no shape, but it’s hard to popularize it because of telecom operators.

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Popularization of E-SIM Card

Popularizing E-SIM started from Apple’s iPad Air 2 LTE by integrating a SIM card inside. Users could switch to any operator freely in settings.

e-sim card device - ipad air 2 lte - ipad air - 1

Samsung also made its efforts to popularizing E-SIM cards in its Gear S2 smart watch. In addition, Apple Watch Series 3 uses E-SIM too and can also support 4G network system.

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Benefit of E-SIM Card

The reason why E-SIM is popular is that it brings so much benefit:

For manufacturers especially those focusing on phones, it could save much inner space of phones. E-cards take only 10 percent space of traditional SIM cards so that manufacturers could make their phones thinner. What’s more, it takes part in the relationship between users and operators, thus enabling more benefit to both sides.

For those smart devices like smart watches and cars, they could get benefit from E-SIM too. By sharing a same number with phones, those devices could enable free usage.

For users, E-SIM means they would no need to change their numbers if they switch their operators. Whenever users go to different areas and countries, E-SIM users could enable great convenience to them.

For telecom operators, physical cards market is almost full filled. E-SIM would offer another opportunity for them to develop new business, which is great.

Reasons Why E-SIM Card Is Not Popular

The barrier to the popularization of E-SIM is telecom operators. It’s a general trend of using E-SIM, but it also means operators’ losing control over users. Using E-SIM, users could easily switch from an operator to another by costing a little. And this would cause severe competition among operators.

Another reason is that one number for all requires operators to upgrade their admin system and hardware. Due to the reason of cost and upgrading, E-SIM is undergoing slowly popularization.

However, operators are not overall resisting E-SIM but just in cellphones. E-SIM is gradually entering our life in all aspects, but it will not be available in phones.

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Some Mobile Accessories Are Harmful to Phones

Mobile accessories have become popular since the popular of phones. When we get new phones, we would look into getting diverse kinds of accessories to protect and decorate our them.

Though some phone accessories are really useful and helpful, there are still some that would damage phones. Phone cases and glass screen protectors are what pretty useful, and what are those useless ones?

Harmful Mobile Accessories

Dust Plugs

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In order to keep dust away, plastic and metal dust plugs are on market, and most of them have pretty looking. However, a hard plug will wear the earphone hole, and those big plugs would even break earphone holds. What’s worse, metal plugs could cause short circuit which is quite dangerous to phones.

Using phones in dessert, dust plugs are somewhat helpful, but they would be not more than decoration in daily life. And actually, earphone holes are dust proof themselves.

Phone Fans

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Hot Summer sweat us a lot so that phone fans are great choices to make you cool outside. Well, you could feel comfortable with fans, but how would your phones feel?

Actually, USB connectors on phones are for power input only. Fans require large power output, which has great negative effect on battery. There are many mini fans with battery available now, so stop doing harm to your phone with fans.

Bad Power Banks

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Power banks are now saver to many people nowadays, but those bad quality ones are poor in capacity. What’s worse, charging speed, safety and durability are all what they are lock of. Price is the last factor that we should take into consideration because phones are more expensive than power banks.

Bad USB Chargers and Cables

usb charger and cable - charger and usb cable - mobile accessories - 1

We usually have standby USB chargers and cables and most of them are not original ones. However, bad chargers and cables would harm battery and shorten lifespans of phones. Bad cables even can’t support data transfer and quick charge functions.

Earphone Winders

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All of us would be annoyed when earphone cables are in a mess. In order to deal with this situation, earphone winders are popular choices.

Actually, using earphone winders could accelerate the aging speed of earphone cables. As a result, earphones could easily be broken, so just do not tie earphones or use winders. Otherwise, you will have to buy new earphones soon.

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Want to Buy iPhone X? Think Twice!

It is very exciting to buy iPhone X since it’s almost the best smartphone ever. Using edge-to-edge OLED screen and applying brand new tech, iPhone X is really hot and worth buying.

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However, as a completely new trial, iPhone X is likely to meet some problems happened in iPhone 4 and 5. Honestly, customers need to think twice before deciding to buy the brand new iPhone.

Screen Problem When You Buy iPhone X

It’s hard for us to imagine how Apple makes the full screen device since it is so different from others. And actually, this costly screen sacrifices a part of display area in order to make the edge to edge screen possible.

As the most widely used mobile device, smartphones are facing so many threats and dangers daily. As a result, it is normal to break screens, and there are still many of them insisting on broken screens. However, broken screens couldn’t works sometimes, and they also have negative effect on eyesight.

Unfortunately, iPhone X applies a both side glass design like iPhone 4, but both panels are below 1mm. Though Apple claims that the glass material is super strong, it is so common to break an iPhone X.

buy iphone x - iphone x - new iphone x - 2

When dropping a phone, bumpers and corners are more likely to be broken. Traditional phones would not affect much in display since they have headers and footers. However, edge-to-edge iPhone X will definitely have a broken screen after falling. What’s worse, negative effect on full screen display is much worse than normal ones due to slim bumper. What’s more unfortunately, break a full screen may result in screen failure.

Apple’s official iPhone X screen repair may be a good solution since it costs $29 only. However, $29 is only available when you got a $199 AppleCare+, otherwise, the screen will cost you $279. That is to say, if you don’t buy AppleCare+, the screen repair cost equals to a good Android phone.

Of course, there’re solutions to protect iPhone X – phone cases and screen protectors. And luckily, we have both of them for wholesale, welcome to contact us and inquire!

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There Are Many iPhone Accessories Suppliers

iPhone X is even hotter after it’s for sale thus enabling more chances to iPhone accessories suppliers.

There are so many suppliers and manufacturers specialized in providing iPhone accessories. For example, a company in Finland provides limited customizing iPhone X service. Decorating the new iPhone with gilding, pearl logo, diamond, genuine leather and gems, it could be really luxury and expensive.

Famous iPhone Accessories Suppliers

Legend’s customize services on iPhone started from iPhone 6s. There was a time when iPhone 6s was more expensive than iPhone X due to it was out of stock. However, at the time, the price of golden customize iPhone 6s was only two times higher. The golden iPhone 6s gives feelings of local bully, but it is really luxury with hand carved patterns on it.

24k gold iphone 6s - iphone accessories suppliers - customize iphone 6s - 1

After the release of iPhone 7, Legend provides a luxury chicken year special edition to Chinese customers. And for iPhone X, it is really the same luxury to old ones.

Unlike Legend, Colorware provides retro 6s and 6s Plus with independent numbers and colorful logos. Actually, these designs are from inspiration from Apple II, which is really old but classic.

iphone 6s retro - colorware iphone 6s - iphone accessories suppliers - 1

Twelve South is one of those partners of Apple’s, and the most famous product of theirs is an arc supporting stand for Mac. The stand could connect screen, keyboard and mouse, which enables a great solution to tidy-up.

twelve south mac stand - macbook stand - iphone accessories suppliers - 1

Most Apple’s partners are focusing on phone cases since functions of cases vary. Showing off users’ personalities, protecting iPhone and making iPhone multifunctional are all available by installing phone cases.

Besides normal phone case suppliers like Lifeproof and Casetify, there are some luxury brands like LV supplying luxury iPhone cases. For example, LV has a really luxury golden crocodile skin phone case for iPhone 7 which is extremely expensive. Interestingly, this LV iPhone 7 case is not available in Apple, but only in Louis Vuitton Of course, not only iPhone 7 cases, LV iPhone X cases are also available.

louis vuitton leather iphone 7 case - louis vuitton luxury iphone 7 case - iphone accessories suppliers - 1

We have been wholesaling phone cases and some other accessories, feel free to contact and inquire!

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It’s Unwise to Use Bad Accessories on iPhone X

iPhone has been leading the market of smartphone accessories and so it is after the release of iPhone X. iPhone accessories have always been popular, but those substandard accessories have been flooding the market. More than the short lifespan of bad quality accessories, they may even damage phones and do harm to human body.

Since iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone start from $999, it is unwise to use those substandard accessories. If you can get your iPhone X today, do not even try to think about those bad accessories at all!

Harms of Bad Quality iPhone X Accessories

Bad Chargers

charger - phone chargers - iphone x chagers - 1

Actually, this is the top rated accessory to your phone since it does the most harm to phone and human. When you are to buy a charger for your new iPhone, keep in mind to buy an original charger. If you got a charger due to its cheap price, it will shorten your phone’s lifespan. What’s worse, it may cause fire and threat to life.

Original or certificated chargers have reliable charging protection to control voltage and current while charging. However, those bad ones use unqualified components which are easy to damage thus giving less protection. As a result, your phone will be likely to be broken and you are under threats of fire and explosion.

Bad USB Cable

lightning usb cable - apple usb cable - iphone x usb cable - 1

Bad USB cables are not as harmful as bad chargers are since they only work to transfer weak current. When you use an good charger, cable is not able to do harms. All iPhone cables have recognition chips, and when your iPhone can’t recognize your cable, you will have to use another one.

The biggest problem of bad cable is the slow charging. However, some manufacturers use only two wires in their cables so that data transfer will not be available.

Bad Power Banks

power bank - power bank for iphone x - powe pack - 1

This series is more dangerous than bad cables as they not only have low capacity, but also may cause explosion. Bad quality power banks are mainly due to the bad quality of battery units. What’s worse, some manufacturers place only one unit in their power banks and then use sand and rock to make up for the weight.

There are some other accessories to pay attention to, and all of us should be aware of them.

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Bad Quality Phone Stands May Cause Damage

Phone stands are becoming more important since smartphones are playing important roles in our daily life. For example: receiving phone calls while driving is quite dangerous both to drives and passengers. In addition, following map guide also requires to fix phones with stands.

The most important feature of stands is their stability, so that they could hold phones stably. However, the most problem of those bad quality ones is that they can’t support well. More than scratching phones, those bad quality stands would even let phones drop so as to cause damage.

phone stands - stand - mobile phone accessories - 2

How to Pick up Reliable Phone Stands

There are 3 tips to follow while picking up stands:

1, adsorbability: those stands for cars need to be of great adsorbability so that they could support firmly. Of course, it’s necessary to watch out which kind of stand to use in different situations.

2, appearance: actually, the appearance of stands is up to tastes of different people. However, picking up a stand in correspondence to the looking of phone is wise.

3: applicability: making sure stands are user-friendly and have wide applicability so that we are free to use them anywhere.

phone stands - stand - mobile phone accessories - 1

Since there are so many substandard stands over market, it is important to keep some rules in mind:

1, stay away from those too cheap ones. Actually, it’s a common sense that “the more expensive, the better”, so it’s not wise to buy those unreasonably cheap ones. For example, if you find an aluminum alloy stand at below $1, it’s definitely of bad quality. Those unreasonably cheap ones are easily to be broken, so as to cause potential threats to phones.

2, comparison. It’s normal to compare different products and different suppliers on their services and prices. Even if you want to place order online, it’s necessary to compare store by store.

3, preference to those famous stores. Generally, those famous stores equal to good service and reliable quality. Even if their prices could be a little higher, it’s worthy to pay for assurance.

phone stands - stand - mobile phone accessories - 3

As a dedicated supplier, we are supplying many phone accessories, feel free to contact and request a quote.

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Bad Quality Screen Protectors Give Bad Views

With the development of tech and the wide spread of smartphone, installing glass screen protectors is becoming a common sense. However, if you get a bad quality protector, it will have negative effect on phone screen display. What’s worse, it could even do harms to your eyesight.

The reason why bad quality protectors do harms to eyesight is that they have low light transmittance. Though some manufacturers claim that their products permit 99% light, the highest quality optical glass (used on lens) has a light transmittance of 98% only. As for PET protectors, they can only reach a transmittance of 90%.

Limited by tech and material, general protectors can’t eliminate diffraction though they are of high definition. As a result, screen display could be unclear and would even cause eye discomfort.

screen protectors - glass screen protector - best tempered glass screen protector - 1

Hardness of Screen Protectors

In order to give nice protection, protectors need to be of a certain hardness. The hardest level of PET protectors is 4H, and now it becomes 9H for glass protectors. However, what does 9H mean? Actually, 9H is a comparison to the hardest pencil and is equal to 7 Mohs hardness. Unluckily, though 7 Mohs hardness protectors could resist keys and knives, they can’t deal with sand.

9H actually means nothing in judging the hardness of screen protector. In addition, when all protectors claim 9H on themselves, it is meaningless to focus on it.

iPhone 7 screen protector - iPhone screen protector - glass screen protectors - (11)

How to Judge the Quality of Screen Protector?

Though glass protectors are popular, most customers can’t judge the quality of protectors. Then how to judge their quality?

1, packaging: glass protector are more easily to be broken while transportation, then good quality ones usually come with nice package. On the contrary, bad quality ones have simple protection only.

2, installation accessories: good quality protectors have some installation accessories as enclosure to ensure well installation. As for those bad quality ones, a screen wiper is enough.

3, anti-fingerprint: actually, anti-fingerprint doesn’t mean completely fingerprint proof because there’s no any possible protector. Dropping a drop of water on it is a nice way to judge since a good protector keeps uniting the drop. In addition, a good protector could resist ink pen writing, and that’s another way to judge the quality of protectors.

4, fitness: good protectors use OCA optical adhesive so as to stay slim and enable automatic installation. What’s more, these protectors can be reused for several times. Of course, a bad quality protector doesn’t have these features.

5, burst proof: when a good quality screen protector accidentally broken, it will stop broken pieces from splash.

As a dedicated manufacturer, we have many glass protectors for wholesale. Find them accordingly and feel free to inquire for what you like, we will reply to you shortly.

Cancellation of Enclosing Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile phone accessories inside the package of new smartphone have become less and less though phones are becoming bigger and bigger.

When we got our new phones years ago, we could have standby battery, earphone, USB cable and charger. What’s more, screen protectors, phone cases and screen wipes are all enclosures. However, when we buy new phones nowadays, we will find no more accessories than USB cable and charger inside.

The Reason of Canceling Enclosed Mobile Phone Accessories

Some people who are against the cancellation say that manufacturers are too mean to send customers accessories as gifts. And what’s worse, these manufacturers are selling these accessories independently online to earn more benefit. But in my opinion, it’s manufacturers’ nature to earn more benefit, so such cancellation is reasonable.

Generally, accessories except USB cable and charger are considered unnecessary to users. For example, those enclosed earphones are not of high quality, and they can do nothing more than making some sound. In some conditions, there are high quality earphones due to manufacturers’ cooperation with top audio vendors. However, these earphones require higher costs, and prices of phones will also rise as a result.

in ear headphone - good headphones - mobile phone accessories - (10)

It is the same to other accessories like phone cases, screen protectors and screen wipes. What’s worse, a long period installation of screen protectors will have negative effect on screen display. Since Corning Gorilla glass is widely applied to phone screens, screen protectors are no more necessary. In addition, since phone batteries are inseparable, standby batteries are unnecessary any more.

There’s a new trend of canceling enclosing chargers since some chargers are of wide applicability. What do you think of this trend? Comment your ideas below!

As a phone case factory from 2004, we are providing many kinds of mobile phone accessories for wholesale. Welcome to contact us and inquire freely!

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Many Kinds of Cell Phone Accessories Are on Market

With the popularization of smartphone, cell phone accessories like phone cases, screen protectors, power banks are under great development. After buying new phones, customers tend to get some really good accessories to protect their phones. However, there are so many useless accessories on market. What’s worse, some necessary accessories are even harmful as they are of bad quality.

There’s one rule every customer should keep in mind that we install accessories to protect our phones. So that we should not buy those necessary accessories due to their price, otherwise, we may run into some problems.

Harms of Bad Quality Cell Phone Accessories

People like to install screen protectors, but can they really protect well?

There was PET protectors which can not resist scratch and has short lifespan. When use PET protector for a long time without replacing it, you may feel dizzy and dazzled.

Since PET ones can not protect well, glass protectors are now mainstream. Glass protectors are usually at a Mohs hardness of 6-7, so that they protect very well. However, even the highest light transmittance glass protector can lower the screen display. And since those bad quality protectors give even worse display, they could cause eyesight problems.

cell phone accessories - glass screen protector - screen protectors - 1

Phone cases are now really popular, and there are some really cheap ones online. Plastic phone cases including PP, PC and TPU are leading the market, and those extremely cheap ones are made of recycled plastic materials.Those really cheap ones may do great harm to your phones, what’s worse, they are even harmful to human bodies.

Harms of bad quality phone cases:

1, some of them are too loose or too tight so that they can’t fit well thus giving bad protection;

2, some are so hard that they damage phone bumpers;

3, some are too fragile and easy to break;

4, some metal cases could block signal;

5, some could be ideal places for breeding bacteria so as to be harmful to human bodies.

cell phone accessories - hybrid phone cases - phone case for iphone 7 - 1

As a dedicated factory since 2004, we are now providing many cell phone accessories for wholesale. Feel free to contact and inquire if you have interest, we are always online to help.

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